The past two weeks have been very eventful on the island!

I discovered that my Canon 7D is, in fact, not as weather sealed as I believed it to be while I was shooting pictures of an incredible dancer in the rain, but also discovered that God can heal cameras. I was under spiritual attack that entire day as well.

I have been fighting with the food, it has been making me a little bit sick, and the weird eating times have really thrown me off my schedule. I would also like to add that we are on breakfast workduty, so we are getting up at 4am every weekday, and preparing and serving breakfast to a thousand people. On the first day, I received a second-degree burn on the bend of my arm from a scalding hot bin of rice fresh out of the steamer. Rice still remains my favorite food to eat here ironically.

We also got our outreach locations, (which most schools don’t learn for another couple of weeks).

I have been living with 19 other girls in one dorm, and I’ve been learning quickly that if I don’t pick up my stuff, it’ll get lost pretty quickly. (I’ve already lost 3 socks!)

It’s hot.

It’s humid.

And classes feel a little long being three hours in the morning. 

But regardless of all that, I am still having a great time here!

The sunsets are never dull, and I never have to wonder what weather I should prepare for since it’s always steady.

I’m spending hours upon hours each week in worship and intersession, praying, and learning to hear God’s voice infinitely stronger than I have before, and diving into the Gospel head first and taking in more of God’s love!

Each week starts with Monday morning worship, everybody on campus gets together for an hour of praise to start the week off right, and then we also have ministry night that same evening to get together, pray, and worship for a couple hours

We’ve been learning how to share the Gospel and practicing evangelism and getting to know the people of Kona, learning their stories, and telling our own stories. W’ere also digging into the Bible a little more and reading a book a week.

The first week of classes, we got to have Susi Childers teach. She told us stories about how she started the Voice for the Voiceless ministry, and some incredible stories of people’s lives changed by simply hearing the name Jesus. When I first heard her speak four years ago, I was inspired and wanted to be a part of it. Now I’m here, learning more from her and being further encouraged by her.

This past week, we had Andy Bird come and teach us about loving God and passivity. The main point is that we can’t become passive Christians. The unfortunate thing is that it’s so easy to become passive, we like to sit on our hands, we go to church, say amen, sing some songs, and then avoid talking about it the rest of the week. We so easily become lazy in pursuing a relationship with God, and it doesn’t end there. We’re lazy in pursuing the rest of the relationships in our lives, we think that once we have a friend, we don’t need to make any more of an effort to keep them. We do the same with God to a point where He’s more of an acquaintance than a friend. So the challenge we were presented with was to love God more at the end of this mission trip than now. So here’s to that!

All is well here so far,and I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead! I’ll also be telling more about what I will specifically be doing on my outreach and where I’ll be going and all that jazz!

If you’d like to keep me in your prayers, pray for patience, I’ve never lived with 19 other women before, and it’s proving to be more challenging than I originally thought. Also pray for focus and energy, getting up early and going from 4 am to 9 pm with little break is getting exhausting. Also pray for wisdom to take in what I’m learning and apply it to my life.

Thanks once again for supporting me and praying for me!


Elizabeth Mae