I have been incredibly blessed this weekend!

On Friday, I hosted a photography fundraiser to sell prints and artistic pieces to help me get to YWAM. In 3 hours, you all helped me raise nearly $2000! God is so good! 

I now have all my school fees covered and will continue fundraising while I’m in Hawaii in order to pay for the outreach phase of the DTS! This will cost anywhere between $4000-$6000 additional to the $4300 for the first part. Currently, we are at $5870 which is an amazing place to be!

I’m going to keep this one short, but thank you to everybody who came out, everybody who purchased prints and some of the other things I made, and a HUGE thank you to everybody who donated more than their order total. You guys have blessed me so much, and I look forward to coming back to do pictures for all of you to return that blessing!

Thanks again! Have an amazing week!