Love is something that I’ve struggled with. From relationships in the past or friendships that failed, to loving on people I don’t really know, I have added loving to the top of my list of things to do. It’s really difficult to really define “Love” as I’ve come to discover. You can’t really put to words and feeling, expression, or emotion very clearly in the form of words. Ask me if I love you, and I’ll write a song for you, and that’ll say more than the words I could try to say. At this point, there’s been one solid definition of love; “There are two main whole-hearted loves, one is the kind for one’s country or mother. The kind that is willing to die for someone or something. The second kind of the romantic kind, the kind that one is willing to live for or after day after day.” And I completely agree with this definition. The most difficult thing is how to apply love to your life.

God teaches us that His love is unconditional, He doesn’t require that we do anything to receive His love, and we shouldn’t expect anything in return, but He always comes through in incredible ways. As I prepare to go to YWAM, my biggest struggle will be going with an open heart to love on everybody I come in contact with. So how do you love on people wither you know them or not? What does God say about love?

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