{Engagement} Ryan & Meghin

I know this is old, and these two are already married, but my goodness, their engagement session made my heart happy! I’ve known Ryan for a while through our church’s worship team, he was, and still is the ginger in the beanie, and I think their wedding was actually the first time I saw him without it. Meghin, I had only seen around a few times, but never really talked to her, but she has such a sweet heart, and a fun personality, I can see why they fell in love so quickly. They are so lighthearted, so fun, and so very much in love. Since they were both from the Midwest, we wanted to capture that feel down by the river, bare feet, white summer dresses, and all the love in the world.

Dance me to the end of love

-The Civil Wars- 


{Sisters} Hannah & Leah

For Leah's birthday, Hannah treated her to a great day. They got their makeup done, went out to lunch, and then I met them and we drove up to the mountains for a photoshoot in the snow!

It was cold, our feet went a little numb, but the overall result was so very worth it!


I've been photographing this family for the past few years, and I love getting to take pictures of them! Each session gets better and better!

Happy (late) birthday, Leah!