{Engagement} Shawna and Jason; Mt. Evans, Colorado

I have amazing clients. And that's an understatement. I get the clients that brave the weather, hike mountains and are willing to go just about anywhere for the perfect shot.

Shawna and Jason were seriously the best. We had to reschedule maybe two or three times due to snow, road closures, and a late winter season, we finally got to go up Mt. Evans! Rain was in the forecast and we considered rescheduling again, but we decided to just roll with it, and it ended up being incredible.

It was rainy, moody, foggy, and the higher up we went, the more like Iceland it began to look. But then we got to Summit Lake, and it started to pour, hard. So we waited it out a bit, and drove up a bit higher to the summit. I had hoped to hike up to the top for those breath-taking views, but the fog was rolling in quick, so we headed back down.

It ended up being perfect timing as we made our way down, the fog broke up, a rainbow came out, and when we got back to the lake, the sun made its first appearance and I have never been happier

This is probably one of the most photo-heavy blogs I've written simply because I am so in love with all of their photos! If you are the adventurous type and want this kind of a session, please, don't hesitate to call me! I love the mountains, adventures, and people in love!

{Trip Report} Aspen, Devil's Head, Sailing, and Off Roading

I love the outdoors, and I fully believe that we have some of the most amazing landscapes being so close here in Denver. It’s no wonder why we’re growing by 5,000 people each month! With all the cute little coffee shops, over 7,000 microbreweries, and one of the most creative cities, it’s a wonderful place to be inspired.

And while the city is a madhouse of everything amazing, I find myself spending any free time I can in the outdoors and in our national forests. I am moved with every sunrise and sunset that lights the sky on fire, and I find peace in the silence that the trails have to offer.

I haven’t gotten out as much as I would have wanted this summer, you all have been keeping me busy with weddings and sessions nonstop, but thankfully, some of these weddings have been in the mountains, and the drives are incredible. A part of me wants to hire either an assistant, or convince my man to come with me so they can drive, and I can take pictures out the window!

Since I’m catching up with posts from the summer, I decided to share several trips in one blog starting with an Aspen adventure. I had the honor to shadow Jason and Gina wedding photographers this summer for a beautiful wedding. First of all, they are so incredibly kind and friendly, and it was so wonderful to learn from them and see how other photographers work. This entire summer has been a season of learning and growing in what I do, and I’m so grateful for that.

The drive up was beautiful, as is expected from Colorado. I had hoped to leave early enough to stop along the way to take pictures and adventure a little bit, but I woke up late, got out the door late, and hit the weekend traffic at its peak. But regardless, it was beautiful.

I am very grateful to be dating a man with the desire to be outdoors. I am also grateful that his family is the same way. Eric and I got to know each other on a hike up Longs Peak and had our first kiss while 4-wheeling up Radical Hill, and for the past two years, we have gotten out for mountain drives, hikes, sailing, and various adventures in the great outdoors. This last summer we went on a short hike up Devil’s Head, it had been years since I’d gone up, and we got to take two of the sweetest dogs up with us, Riley and Cannon. I would love to have a dog someday.

Eric’s family is also into sailing. The last time we went, we tipped the boat over which resulted in a very long, cold attempt to flip it back over, so I was definitely hesitant to get in the water again and still am, but it was still good to spend time on the beach of the Aurora Reservoir talking and hanging out.

I also got to join them for the 4th of July. Eric’s uncle was in town and we decided to go 4 wheeling out by Boulder, just a week before the fire down there.


It was another beautiful summer for Colorado. Until next year, dear friend, for now I will be curled up in blankets with hot chocolate and soup for the next 6 months.