{Senior Prom} Emily

My sister and I don't always get along, even doing her hair from prom, I managed to burn her ear, almost mess up a curl around the frame of her face, and I forgot to make her corsage until the night before (because I thought prom was the week after). Bickering and tugging on hairs, I made an attempt at pretending to be a hairstylist (I'm not, just a pinterest-loving Colorado girl with nowhere fancy to be). Emily did her own makeup, and we went to the Highlands Ranch Mansion to give her kind of a special shoot especially because of what happened in the priors weeks and days.

I love my sister, and I hate to see her heart hurting, but it's awesome to see her fight back, put on some dank heels, and overcome for her last prom of high school before graduating on the 18th.