Out of the Woods {Nora}

This was a fun shoot! I had asked Nora if she would like to model for me at some point after having a great time photographing her older sister for her senior pictures a couple years ago. We drove up the mountains in hope to find some snowfall, but found crazy wind instead! 

Nora had to hold her hat on her head to keep it from flying off! This was one our first shots.

The challenge of being a photographer is to work under any conditions. I was not expecting wind like this, but I quickly noticed that the loose snow was being thrown up and swirled around with each gust, so I decided to treat it like you would fog from a hazer.

We had sunshine, but despite the deceiving look of warmth, we were both freezing, (Nora more than myself!) But this is now my new favorite photoshoot, from the location to the model, to the wind (yes even that) all came together for a perfect shoot! And let's just take a moment to notice the beautiful work Nora did on her own makeup!

Nora is a vocal performance major at Denver School of the Arts. She is also an actress and a musician, and is looking at going into music education. With all these talents, this girl will definitely go great places!

What a great smile and a fantastic girl to work with! Thank you for standing in the freezing cold with me! This was such a fun day!