Jason & Micaela | Perry Park Country Club, Larkspur, CO

A blog the day after the wedding? Is this for real! I had the honor of photographing Jason and Micaela's spring wedding last night. I've known Micaela for several years, we met in a church youth group, and I've gotten to see the incredible woman she has become. I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up during their wedding day.

They met at Jason's sister's wedding, a week before Micaela was due to go back to Uganda, and both of them were completely caught off guard by the sparks flying. For three years, they traveled back and forth across the world, sending letters, telegrams, and making phone calls while Jason was in the USA and Micaela in Africa. I am amazed at their strength, their love, and their love for God. You had a beautiul wedding, and you will have a beautiful life together. Congratulations! The best is yet to come!

Coordinator | Becky Voth of Perry Park Country Club
Florist | Lehrer's Flowers http://www.thinkflowers.com/
DJ | djconnection.com
Officiant | Jonathan Merle
Bride's Dress | Casablanca, custom design by Alexia Gavela Bridal Designer
Bridesmaid Dresses | Vow to be Chic
Groom's Suits | Al's Formal Wear

Jason & Micaela Engagement | A Wintery, Mountain Adventure Session

Jason and Michaela met at a wedding several years ago, and sparks flew instantly. Jason was living in Texas, and Michaela was traveling overseas in Uganda. Their story is one of long distance, love letters, and determination. When they came to visit in January, she wanted to give Jason a taste of her home state, so we, of course, went to the mountains for their engagement session.

Tomorrow, they will say their vows and start life together 100%. Congratulations you two! And I cannot wait to see what God has in store for your lives!

Jack and Kate

I don't photograph a lot of children, primarily because most kids are difficult to get to sit still long enough in front of a camera. But Jack and Kate are different. I have know them since Kate was still a baby not even knowing how to walk and Jack was still so shy he wouldn't crack a smile in front of everybody. My oh my how far these two have come in the last three years!

I wanted to do something special for their mamma for Christmas, especially since her kids are so near and dear to my heart, so we snuck out, went to a park, and captured these beautiful photos!

Mom may or may not have cried a little bit when I delivered prints. I love the ability to spark that kind of emotion in people. It really makes me realize the value of photos.

New Friendships and Mountain Views

I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for such an incredible community of photographers I am surrounded by. Courtney and I connected about a year ago and wanted to get out an shoot in the amazing fall colors in the mountains! 

Kenosha Pass is well known for the abundance of aspen trees and an abundance of tourists to follow. The Colorado trail cuts straight through making it a hub for campers, off road drivers, fauxtographers and photographers alike, hikers, and day trippers. But you see, I like to go off the beaten path. Most people don't travel on the dirt roads in their rental vehicles, so you can be that's exactly where we went for an amazing experience.

Can we please go back to autumn? I want these incredible yellows again!